Saturday, April 30, 2011

tibe2 rase nk share quote yg sy terbace tadikk.. :D

Getting over you was hard,
but moving on with my life is even harder.
I can’t seem to get you off my mind,
because you are like
being tattooed on my mind.
I can tell people I’m over,
it’s done, I’m moving on.
But truth is I miss you more than ever
and I wish I could be
in those shoes again.
Without you, I am nothing.
You brought me happiness,
joy and most importantly
you loved me for who I was.
Every second I’m alone with myself
and my thoughts,
I am always thinking about the past.
I need to move on, but how can I?
I think of you each moment. I miss you.

p.s: rase sentap siket bile bace quote 2 bnyk kali..hehee
dh,jngn mngarut,okbye! :D

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