Wednesday, June 8, 2011

do you know

Our love was once beautiful
Your heart that was once passionate
Not sure when this started
But you began to change bit by bit
Always thinking and doubting myself
At this rate I might actually go crazy

What were you doing last night?
Why couldn’t I get a hold of you?
I regret losing my cool and saying cruel words
The phone call where I hung up on you
Telling you we should break up
Because I’m getting ticked off
Why don’t you understand it was all a lie?

Do you know about this broken heart?
Do you know about my love?
Just how much I like you
Just how much I love you
Do you know about this burning scar?
No you don’t, you’ll never understand
Living day by day without you is meaningless
Why don’t you understand baby?

The words I spat out in anger, “I hate you”
After that I shouted these words in my heart, “I love you”
I always say things I don’t mean and end up regretting it all night long
I cry and smile because of you
I’m the sunflower that will only look at you baby boy
You’re the only person I can love
You’re the one and only matching pair for me
No matter where you are, I’m always beside you
Baby you’re my shining star

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