Tuesday, August 17, 2010


being sick for 5 days now..
smlm g hospital..
arini pungg g hospital..
my tonsillitis is getting worst i think..
gonna operate it soon..haihh!
scared doe!
hope i will be better..
xbestt la sakett2 nehh..
i want to be healthy again!yeaaahh! :D

p.s: not gonna update 4 awhile cuz a alot of assignment 2 be settle b4
going 2 dat 'dont want-but-have to go' independent celebration day training 4 10 days..
trying 2 meredhakan diri 2 go there..sigh* =_='
lets makes memories 2gether ppismp 3.13! :)

sempat lg snap pic time tnggu nk msuk bilik doktor.. :P

dengan my mom..thanx 4 coming for 2 days bcuz of me..ily la! :D

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