Sunday, July 18, 2010

u 2 me are everything.. :)

I would take the stars out of the sky for you
Stop the rain from falling if you asked me to.
I'd do anything for you
your wish is my command

I could move a mountain when your hand is in my hand.
Words cannot express how much you mean to me.
There must be some other way to make you see.
If it takes my heart and soul
you know I'd pay the price.
Everything that I possess I'd gladly sacrifice.

Oh you to me are everything
The sweetest song that I could sing
Oh baby
To you I guess I'm just a clown
Who picks you up each time you're down
Oh baby
You give me just a taste of love
To build my hopes upon.
You know you've got the power boy
To keep me holding on.
So now you've got the best of me
Come on and take the rest of me
Oh baby

Though you're close to me
we seem so far apart.
Maybe given time you'll have a change of heart.
If it takes forever
boy then I'm prepared to wait.
The day you give your love to me won't be a day too late

p.s: ily darl!

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